Mines Music

Immersive sound for incredible brands.

I produce and develop podcast-safe music for podcasts and audio drama. I also add a lot of out-there sound FX and atmosphere to make it sound...New. I hope in a good way. :)

I also co-own a music publishing company with Audrey Tillis that specializes in curating music for commercial ads and TV, all over the world. 200+ Songs, 75+ Clients, and 4 award noms, since 2016. It's a vibe.

I’m also a Grammy-signature Award winning educator, passionate about providing education for those who create from a true place. I want to give back and help the art of this world go forward.

( i also sing EDM music on the weekends)

If any of this resonates with you, shoot me a message. If you think it’s all trash, tell a friend you don't agree w usually how you feel. :)

Growing up, wanted to make music for a living, part of me thought I’d be a starving musician, begging for my next gig with a keyboard under my arm. Instead I find myself creating audio landscapes for podcasters, writing funky jams for the NFL, and giving away the gems for the good of the art form!

Anyhow, I have freebies below. Because a lot of the game thats being sold
should be free for those who desire higher quality creativity.

I wrote / compiled these to help everyone move forward. No strings attached. The connection between art, tech and commerce is a mountain within itself. These are tools to help you climb the mountain 😎

Click the pics to download.

cheers! -Darius

Work With Us

This is the place on the site where i flaunt some credits because

i'm a business, man.

Here are some things that i've been a part of, either fully composing and producing, audio mixing, or developing content, etc etc. It's a whole stew of independent and commercial artists / brands we've been cooking with. Take a listen. Nod your head a little bit.

This was a cool project we did w Interscope Records' Snoop Dogg.

Darius Mines

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